Test Review and Approval Process

Test Review Policy

In order to encourage a high level of quality in the W3C test suites, test contributions must be reviewed by a peer.

Reviewers may be:

  • Spec editors
  • The test coordinator for that spec
  • An implementor
  • Anyone with the ability to read and understand the spec along with an understanding of the format and style guidelines

The reviewer can be a colleague of the contributor as long as the proceedings are public.

A reviewer cannot review his/her own tests and changes.

To assist with test reviews, a review checklist is available.

Test Review and Approval Process on Github

The preferred method for reviewing tests is on Github. The general workflow for test reviews and approval follows the GitHub contribution model and is summarized here:

  • To initiate a review, make a Pull Request to the main web-platform-tests/master or csswg-test/master on GitHub. This will notify all subscribers of the PR, including the test coordinator and test reviewers.
  • Reviewers should review the test code and reply accordingly in Github. If no issues are found, the reviewer should state that so there is a trail a review was done.
  • After all of the review issues are addressed, the PR will be merged into the repository. The merge may be done by the spec's Test Facilitator or someone that is overseeing the test repository.
  • The merged tests are considered Approved.


Pull requests get automatically labelled in the Github repository. Check out the list of labels in Github to see the open pull requests for a given specification or a given Working Group.

Using Critic

Critic is a tool to help review of the code in the pull requests and is complementary to the Github tools. If you're interested in being a reviewer for an area in the repository, make sure you create an account in critic, add your proper email address, and add filters to monitor specific directories. Your name will be automatically added to the list of reviewers after that and you'll get notify if something comes up

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