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Test the Web Forward

W3C's one stop shop for Open Web Platform testing.

As the Web morphed from a document exchange system to the World's most advanced application delivery platform, the requirements on the underlying technologies and the browsers implementing them changed dramatically. Web applications built today need a robust and interoperable Web that only thorough browser testing can guarantee.

To meet this new challenge, W3C is launching an unprecedented effort to rethink and scale up its testing offering.


Community-Driven & Industry-Supported

A vibrant, industry-backed community is key to a successful and sustainable testing effort.

Open-Source & Standards-Based

Test suites, tools and documentation are open-source and available freely under liberal licenses so that all can contribute and benefit.

Lean & Data-Driven

Streamlined processes, improved tooling and better data to simplify test development, prioritize, and measure progress.

Centralized & Discoverable

A common test repository that is easy to find and navigate. Tools, processes and documentation shared across Working Groups and among browser vendors.


Learn how to write, review, and run Web Platform tests.

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Join the community and contribute to the Open Web Platform test suite on GitHub.

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