The main goal of the Test the Web Forward movement is to get web developers like you more involved in testing the Web Platform to ensure better interoperability on the Web. One of the ways we do this is through a series of hackathons and meetups where we bring the community together, educate, and share expertise. Attending a Test the Web Forward event is a great opportunity to discover new web features and learn how to write tests that will help vendors build better, more interoperable implementations. Browser interoperability makes web development more efficient and the lives of web developers easier.

At the events, experts from the W3C, its working groups, and all of the major browser vendors are present to teach you, help you write W3C spec tests, and guide you through the process of reporting the interoperability issues you discover. You'll learn new web features and recommended practices that will enable you to make significant contributions to the Web Platform and will be useful in projects you contribute to in the future.

Host Your Own Event

Test the Web Forward is a grass roots community-driven movement and it belongs to everyone who uses the Web - including you! We're actively looking for passionate Web community leaders to help carry it forward and continue its growth. If you're a part of a web-related user group or belong to an organization that strives to Make the Web a Better Place, you're a perfect candidate to host an event of your own or partner with others in your area to host one together.

If you're interested in planning a larger hackathon event, a comprehensive Event Kit is available and full of resources and information that can help you every step of the way.

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If your community is just forming or is on the smaller side, you can hold a meetup event to bring a smaller group of people together to share information about testing the Web. For this, a Meetup Kit is available to get you started with ideas and logistics.

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For either type of event, we recommend you kick it off by mailing to have your questions answered and see if others in your area would be interested in joining you as a host or sponsor.

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