Test the Web Forward Seoul Recap 

Here are some photos taken by Jonathan Jeon from Test The Web Forward in Seoul last weekend.

We had a good turnout at the Ritz-Carlton hotel (lovely food!) for talks and preparation on Friday evening, then a day of coding on Saturday. It was the first TestTWF in Seoul so several people needed help with the concept and setting up Git and the test repository.

We also had a video link with Tokyo (WebRTC, of course!) as they held their third TestTWF which added to the fun. The Tokyo crew concentrated on CSS text decoration, HTML ruby and shadow DOM.

AT&T also joined in the video chat from the USA on Saturday morning.

In Seoul, the attendees were divided into three groups:

  • Accessibility (Shadi was there for guidance)
  • CSS
  • HTML

During the Saturday I saw people working on the following areas:

  • Browser Context
  • Custom Elements (Web Components)
  • HTML Import (Web Components)
  • Text Track
  • Web Crypto API

Despite some initial confusion about W3C specs and what to work on, there was a positive attitude and good cooperation between experts and newbies among the tables. Sangwhan was particularly noticeable for his technical help while wearing a teddy bear costume!

There's a core group of friendly, enthusiastic "open webbers" in Seoul so I'm hopeful this will not be the last TestTWF there.

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